Social Media Coordinator
                                                   VOLUNTEER ROLE DESCRIPTION

Title:               Social Media Coordinator

Reports to:      Resource Development Coordinator

Status:             Volunteer Position (minimum of 2 hours once per week)

Intersection:    215 Wellesley Street East

Volunteering Objective:

The social media coordinator will develop and implement a social media strategy to increase overall reach and brand awareness. He/she will use social media outlets to promote active Elizabeth Fry Toronto campaigns, activities and events, engage the public and increase online presence.

1. Restart our online channels for Elizabeth Fry to re-establish a presence (Instagram and Facebook).
2.  Develop a social media strategy to support the organization’s fundraising campaigns, events, and activities and establish targets for increasing online reach.
3. Post regular updates to Elizabeth Fry’s social media outlets, including news articles, press releases, fundraising appeals, programs, events and any other promotional items.
4. Monitor activity and user interactions for all social media outlets.
5. Adapt messaging for the different outlet-specific audiences.

1. Experience using key social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest.
2. Volunteer must be a self-starter, able to take initiative within their role, and able to work independently with little or no supervision.
3. Outgoing, enthusiastic and creative.
4. Ability to use online tools to engage members, donors, and corporate partners.
5. Commitment of at least 6 months.
6. 1-2 days per week for two hours, which can be completed in the office or at home.
7. Strong writing and editing skills, with strong attention to details
8. Must have some knowledge of the Criminal Justice System and issues impacting individuals primarily women in conflict with the law
9. Experience in the field of social services an asset, but not a must


Volunteer Position Reports to:
Yudit Timbo
Resource Development Coordinator
Elizabeth Fry Toronto
215 Wellesley St. East, Toronto, ON, M4X 1G1
416-924-3708 ext. 234
416-924-3367 (Fax)

***Please note that all volunteers interested in this position must fill out an online application obtained through our website. *****


Laura is a street and law involved woman struggling with a history of substance abuse and frequent relapses. Laura participates in our Healing from Abuse program and is connecting much of her substance abuse issues with trauma she experienced as a child. By understanding how her history of trauma impacts her life today and how it can trigger her substance abuse, Laura is healing from her experiences and achieving sobriety.  Laura is staying sober, exploring employment opportunities and developing healthy and enriching relationships.