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Exit Doors Here

A Sex Work Transition Program that helps women leave the sex trade and reintegrate into the community

Program Benefits


Participants who commit to the program are connected to community supports that help them recover from the physical and mental trauma of sex work and sex trafficking.



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Based on the evidence-based model of Critical Time Intervention which better facilitates reintegration of women into communities, work and support systems.

Exit Doors Here is a sex work transition program with the goal of assisting women to permanently leave the sex trade and recover from the related trauma. We also assist victims of sex trafficking.


This program provides personalized wraparound services and time-based interventions for women wishing to exit the sex work industry as well as survivors of sex trafficking.

Exit Doors Here uses a new evidence-based case management model of Critical Time Intervention (CTI). CTI has proven successful in transitioning people from precarious and sensitive situations to stability.

The Exit Doors Here team provides emotional and practical support during critical times of transition and strengthens women's long-term ties to services, family, friends, and the community. CTI is a time-limited evidence-based practice that mobilizes support for vulnerable populations during periods of transition.

Learn more about CTI here.


Our Exit Doors Here program is currently not accepting new clients. This program will be coming to an end March 2022. 

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