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Women represent one in every five offenders, and only 5.4% of the incarcerated population. From the bigger perspective of crime and justice, women’s issues are not as relevant as men’s issues.


Consequently, there is little research and resources put toward understanding women and conflict with the law. In response to this reality, we collect and share the most up-to-date and relevant research and resource publications, as well as information about us.


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Our heat levels are not created equally and all have slightly different taste profiles! • NO HEAT has a hint of heat but nothing a 2 year old can’t handle 😊 • MILD goes through our spiced oil bath • MEDIUM is like a jalapeño • HOT has habanero • XHOT we start adding ghost and scorpion • A-BOMB has all of that PLUS reaper!

Is it Halal?

YES! We use certified suppliers! Our Chicken also goes through a dairy - free and peanut - free process because we want to be as inclusive as possible!

Human Trafficking Manual

NOW AVAILABLE: HUMAN TRAFFICKING MANUAL The goal of the anti-human trafficking project, funded by City of Toronto was to develop and test a psycho-educational resource handbook for counsellors working with victims of sex trafficking. The handbook focuses on specific information regarding counselling interventions for trafficked victims that would improve their healing and emotional well-being. Click the image below to fill out your contact information and download the manual.

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