Programs & Services

Recognizing that the women we serve live with complex issues which often require diverse interventions, Elizabeth Fry Toronto is committed to providing a wide range of supports including:

All of our programs and services are free, except for Partner Assault Response (PAR) program which is a fee-for-service program based on a sliding scale rate.

In 2010, Elizabeth Fry Toronto adopted an organizational model to capture the complexity of the issues women face and the complexity of interventions required to help women move forward. The Sustainable Livelihoods Model is based on the work of Canadian Women’s Foundation and Eko Nomos.

Laura is a street and law involved woman struggling with a history of substance abuse and frequent relapses. Laura participates in our Healing from Abuse program and is connecting much of her substance abuse issues with trauma she experienced as a child. By understanding how her history of trauma impacts her life today and how it can trigger her substance abuse, Laura is healing from her experiences and achieving sobriety.  Laura is staying sober, exploring employment opportunities and developing healthy and enriching relationships.