Professional Volunteers

We are looking for professional volunteers with an expertise in a number of areas,

People with good interpersonal skills and non-judgmental attitude, who are organized, reliable, friendly and courteous, detail-oriented, community-minded and committed to the confidentiality of all Society records and business, with expertise in any of the following areas are needed:

  • Photographers – stock photography
  • Urban Planner/Expert
  • Resource Development
  • Privacy Advisor
  • Landscaper
  • Copy Researchers/Editors
  • Librarians/Archivists
  • Board Members
  • Nutritionist/Chef

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas, please contact us at






 “I admire how they reach out to women in the many detention centres and prisons throughout Canada. I have witnessed many that have worked with women, but this is the first time I have witnessed a team of staff who put their heart and soul into what they believe in”.

Former Resident