TMA Toronto Spring Gala

Posted on Jan 30, 2018

TMA Toronto's Spring Gala is dedicated to honouring the contributions of women in the Toronto turnaround community and to raising funds for a local women's charity that demonstrates a strong commitment to turning around women's lives.

This year, Elizabeth Fry Toronto has been selected as the recipient of the gala.

With the funding, we are piloting a project to reduce the number of women who are remanded. People on remand are individuals who are being held in custody while awaiting further court appearance, usually trial and less often for sentencing after being found guilty.

Excess and unneccessary jail time creates more challenges, trauma, and barriers for women. Not being remanded allows women to maintain their daily lives, prepare for their defense and avoid the familial, employment, housing and financial crisis that unnecessary incarceration provokes.

We thank TMA Toronto for helping at-risk women address their conflict with the law. 

To support our Remand Project, donate here.

To all TMA members, we want to know that the donation is from you.

So, in the special notes/comment section of the donate form, write "TMA." Thank You!




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