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Thank you for choosing Elizabeth Fry Toronto as the charity of choice for your event!   Your gracious commitment to our cause is a powerful way to forge meaningful connections with your family, friends, workplace and community.   And your event will raise funds that will help us provide supportive services, community-based programs and transitional housing to help women create meaningful change in their lives for the benefit of themselves, their families and the community as a whole.

Elizabeth Fry Toronto is happy to support you at any stage of the planning process.  The following links will provide you with valuable information to get your brainstorming underway.

Click here for a listing of event types to get you started

Click here for helpful hints in planning your event

We are grateful to partner with you and your team. To ensure that all events we align with match our vision, mandate and goals, we would ask that you complete an event application and agreement to respect the values of Elizabeth Fry Toronto in all aspects of the event.

Click here for an event application

Click here for an event agreement


Once your event is approved, Elizabeth Fry Toronto can provide the following items:

Appropriate Elizabeth Fry Toronto signage;

Copies of Elizabeth Fry Toronto publicity materials;

An Elizabeth Fry Toronto staff member or volunteer to attend the event or cheque presentation;

Recognition for the sponsoring organization/group/individual commensurate with the size of the gift, per our acknowledgement policy; and

Tax receipting according to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines for gifts greater than $10.00.


However, Elizabeth Fry Toronto cannot provide:

Staff and volunteers to assist in the event, beyond what has been discussed and agreed upon;

Share access to our donor contact information or mailing list. However, we may consider doing a mailing to our contacts on behalf of, and paid for by you, the third party organizers;

Promotions for the event beyond listing it on our website;


For more information, please contact: Resource Development Department
at 416-924-3708 ext. 234 or email



Laura is a street and law involved woman struggling with a history of substance abuse and frequent relapses. Laura participates in our Healing from Abuse program and is connecting much of her substance abuse issues with trauma she experienced as a child. By understanding how her history of trauma impacts her life today and how it can trigger her substance abuse, Laura is healing from her experiences and achieving sobriety.  Laura is staying sober, exploring employment opportunities and developing healthy and enriching relationships.