Community Support 

Elizabeth Fry Toronto supports women in the community to navigate  the court systems, engage in alternatives to prosecution, socialize while incarcerated, and increase access to resources.  


Direct Accountability Program at College Park Court

We provides alternatives to prosecution for individuals charged with minor criminal offences.


Court Support Programs at College Park Court

Community volunteers provide practical and emotional support to women going through the court system.

If you are at College Park Court and need help, please contact the Court Support Volunteer in the office outside courtroom 506 or call (416) 598-3135 Monday to Friday.


Social-Recreational Program at Vanier Centre for Women

Community volunteers provide social supports and organize recreational events for women in the institution.


Market Place

Being involved in the criminal justice system often leaves you in need of basic neccessities, We have a Market Place stocked with new clothes and personal care items. Speak to you Elizabeth Fry Toronto counsellor and you can visit the Market Place anytime to pick up what you need. If you are not a client here, no problem, the Market Place is open to the public through scheduled appointments on Fridays. Call Rushel to book a time to visit the Market Place 416 924-3708 ext. 255.


Talk and Listen Phone Line

Talk and Listen is a volunteer lead support line provided by women for women in conflict with the law. Our trained volunteers understand the mental and emotional stress of navigating the justice system and the long-term effects. Callers have accessed Talk and Listen for an array of support including:

  • Support for domestic abuse
  • Referral to services
  • Access to resources
  • Bail Program
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Housing and emergency shelter needs

 Let's Talk. Call us at 1-855- 924-3708


Susan is a public speaker, educating people about the criminal justice system and legal rights. She exudes confidence and speaks with passion. It is hard to imagine that just a year ago, Susan was struggling with low self-esteem and was extremely shy. After a long history of incarceration, Susan was determined to change her life for the better. Susan joined the Peer Leadership program and developed public speaking skills, connected with positive role models and built her confidence. Susan is now a community educator, has re-connected with her family and is mentoring new members of the Peer Leadership program.