Employment Services

Elizabeth Fry Toronto provides unique programs in support of women who have experienced homelessness, are at-risk of conflict with the law or have experienced such conflict.


B.E.S.T Pre-employment Program

Building Employment Strategies Together (BEST) helps women prepare to look for work. Involvement with the criminal justice system adds a tremedous barrier to employment. Our BEST counsellor is available to provide one-on-one assistance in helping you identify the steps you need to lead to employment. We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • self- exploration

  • communication skills

  • resume development

  • identifying relevant training programs

  • financial literacy


Creative Writing Workshops

Communication is key to connecting with others, finding the resources you need, and finding employment. Our creative writing workshops help you express yourself, listen better, and articulate your thoughts with confidence and intention. Sessions are offered every Tuesday from 10am-12pm at our office. Tokens and snacks are provided. To learn more and register, contact Cynthia at 416-924-3708 ext. 244


Job Development Service

Once you are ready to find a job, we can help you with that. We have relationships with over 25 employers and connect you to opportunities. But we wil not just send you off on an interview. We provide one-on-one coaching in interviewing and presentation skills. We will support you through the process of finding a job. 


Record Suspension (Pardon) Information Service

Understanding the process for cleaning your criminal record is not straightforward. There are many private companies that charge to help you with the process.  For free, we provide one-on-one assistance with submitting a pardon application to the National Parole Board of Canada.


Please call our intake line at 416 924-3708 and you will be assessed and then connected to the appropriate employment service. 



Laura is a street and law involved woman struggling with a history of substance abuse and frequent relapses. Laura participates in our Healing from Abuse program and is connecting much of her substance abuse issues with trauma she experienced as a child. By understanding how her history of trauma impacts her life today and how it can trigger her substance abuse, Laura is healing from her experiences and achieving sobriety.  Laura is staying sober, exploring employment opportunities and developing healthy and enriching relationships.