Community Engagement and Employment 

Elizabeth Fry Toronto provides unique programs in support of women who have experienced homelessness, are at-risk of conflict with the law or have experienced such conflict.

Programs include:

  • B.E.S.T Pre-employment Program
    The B.E.S.T is an acronym for Building Employment Strategies Together program recognizes that involvement with the criminal justice system negatively affects women’s employment opportunities.  BEST’s multi-dimensional approach to pre-employment focuses on addressing the barriers to employment through education and training to expand employment opportunities for its clients. This program also assists women in securing employment.

    What's New with B.E.S.T?
    -Our Job Training Program, for more information click here.
    -Our Creative Writing Workshop in partnership with Toronto Writers Collective, for more informaton click here
    -B.E.S.T's list of hiring companies, for more information click here. Don't forget to attend our training program to better prepare you for the interview
  • Record Suspension (Pardon) Information Service: 
    Assessment and assistance with submitting an application to the National Parole Board of Canada.
  • Talk and Listen
    Talk and Listen is a volunteer lead support line provided by women for women in conflict with the law. Our trained volunteers understand the mental and emotional stress of navigating the justice system and the long-term effects.

    Callers have accessed Talk and Listen for an array of support including:

·         Support for domestic abuse

·         Trauma counselling

·         Accessing the Phyllis Haslam Residential Program

·         Bail Program (male and female callers)

·         Loneliness and isolation

·         Housing and emergency shelter needs

   Let's Talk. Call us at 1-855- 924- 3708



 “I admire how they reach out to women in the many detention centres and prisons throughout Canada. I have witnessed many that have worked with women, but this is the first time I have witnessed a team of staff who put their heart and soul into what they believe in”.

Former Resident