Employment Services

Elizabeth Fry Toronto provides unique programs in support of women who have experienced homelessness, are at-risk of conflict with the law or have experienced such conflict.

B.E.S.T Pre-employment Program

Building Employment Strategies Together (BEST) provides one-on-one and group support for women looking for work. Involvement with the criminal justice system adds a tremendous barrier to employment. Our BEST counsellor helps you identify the steps to employment. We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • self exploration
  • communication skills
  • resume development
  • financial literacy
  • training needs


My Start-Up

My Start-Up is an entrepreneurship training and support program for women who want to start their own business. 

My Start-Up provides educational, business advisory, mentorship support, and access to financing options to women who have a practical business idea but lack a business plan and support networks.

My Start Up is offered in partnership with Rise Asset Development at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. 

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Job Development Services

Once you are ready to find a job, we can help you with that. We have relationships with over 25 employers and connect you to opportunities. But we wil not just send you off on an interview. We provide one-on-one coaching in interviewing and presentation skills. We will support you through the process of finding a job. 


Record Suspension (Pardon) Information Service

Understanding the process for cleaning your criminal record is not straightforward. There are many private companies that charge to help you with the process.  For free, we provide one-on-one assistance with submitting a pardon application to the National Parole Board of Canada.


Please call our intake line at 416 924-3708 and you will be assessed and then connected to the appropriate employment service. 



Susan is a public speaker, educating people about the criminal justice system and legal rights. She exudes confidence and speaks with passion. It is hard to imagine that just a year ago, Susan was struggling with low self-esteem and was extremely shy. After a long history of incarceration, Susan was determined to change her life for the better. Susan joined the Peer Leadership program and developed public speaking skills, connected with positive role models and built her confidence. Susan is now a community educator, has re-connected with her family and is mentoring new members of the Peer Leadership program.