Claire Forster (Director):

Claire is a seasoned Human Resources Professional who has global experience in North America and Asia being based in Canada and Hong Kong. Her most recent position was as a Vice President for a leading global financial services organization. Claire chose to leave the paid work force and focus on governance and volunteer work in areas she is passionate about. Claire is the past chair of the Alzheimer Society of Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Hamilton Halton. She is a Board member of the Alzheimer Society of Ontario where she also Chairs the Provincial Quality Standards Commitee. She also volunteers with International Needs, an organization that supports women and children in countries where female education is not a priority, and for CEE, an organization in Toronto that focuses on Careers, Education and Empowerment for challenged Black Youth. Claire is a passionate advocate for the vulnerable in society with a keen interest in working with the Not for Profit sector in areas of governance and strategy.

Sometimes the company we keep can have serious, everlasting consequences that alter the course of our life. Charlie found out the hard way that her partner did not have the best of intentions after she was arrested for holding on to his gun. Luckily, Charlie was strong enough to turn her situation around.  Charlie took full advantage of programs available when she was at Grand Valley Institute, and that hard work paid off upon her arrival to the Phyllis Haslam Residence at Elizabeth Fry Toronto. 

Upon her release, Charlie had a job lined up in a field she was passionate about, and has been working hard to save money so she can support herself when she is granted her full parole. Most importantly, Charlie has reconnected with old friends. By surrounding herself with positive influences who are as invested in her success as she is, it reminds Charlie that life always moves forward.