Mission, Vision and Values


We support women who are, have been, or are at risk of being in conflict with the law.


A society that ensures all women have the dignity and capacity to make informed choices about their lives and avoid conflict with the law.


We are committed to:

  • Agency: to be instrumental in our lives and the lives of others
  • Dignity: to ensure each person is regarded as worthy, honoured and esteemed
  • Diversity: to respect and celebrate human difference
  • Innovation: to create change that makes things better
  • Resilience: to recover from and adjust to change and challenge


Mission, vision et valeurs

Énoncé de mission

Soutenir les femmes qui ont été ou sont à risqué d’être en conflit avec la loi.

Énoncé de vision

Une société qui redonne à toutes les femmes la dignité et la capacité de faire des choix éclairés relativement à leur vie et d'éviter les conflits avec la loi.

Énoncé de valeurs

Nous souscrivons pleinement aux valeurs suivantes :

  • Capacité d’agir: jouer un rôle clé dans notre propre vie et dans celle des autres
  • Dignité: s'assurer que chaque personne soit valorisée, honorée et estimée
  • Diversité: respecter et célébrer la différence humaine
  • Innovation: changer les choses pour le mieux
  • Résilience: se remettre et s'adapter au changement et au défi



Sometimes the company we keep can have serious, everlasting consequences that alter the course of our life. Charlie found out the hard way that her partner did not have the best of intentions after she was arrested for holding on to his gun. Luckily, Charlie was strong enough to turn her situation around.  Charlie took full advantage of programs available when she was at Grand Valley Institute, and that hard work paid off upon her arrival to the Phyllis Haslam Residence at Elizabeth Fry Toronto. 

Upon her release, Charlie had a job lined up in a field she was passionate about, and has been working hard to save money so she can support herself when she is granted her full parole. Most importantly, Charlie has reconnected with old friends. By surrounding herself with positive influences who are as invested in her success as she is, it reminds Charlie that life always moves forward.