Mission, Vision and Values


We support women who are, have been, or are at risk of being in conflict with the law.


A society that ensures all women have the dignity and capacity to make informed choices about their lives and avoid conflict with the law.


We are committed to:

  • Agency: to be instrumental in our lives and the lives of others
  • Dignity: to ensure each person is regarded as worthy, honoured and esteemed
  • Diversity: to respect and celebrate human difference
  • Innovation: to create change that makes things better
  • Resilience: to recover from and adjust to change and challenge

Susan is a public speaker, educating people about the criminal justice system and legal rights. She exudes confidence and speaks with passion. It is hard to imagine that just a year ago, Susan was struggling with low self-esteem and was extremely shy. After a long history of incarceration, Susan was determined to change her life for the better. Susan joined the Peer Leadership program and developed public speaking skills, connected with positive role models and built her confidence. Susan is now a community educator, has re-connected with her family and is mentoring new members of the Peer Leadership program.